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Here's How We Made The 20' Spiderweb

Ok anyone interested in making a giant spider web, that is without letting the real critters do it for you, will need a lot of patience. Or you could just find a slave like I did!

Start With A Frame

Now in order to make your web really shine under the black lights, you will need to soak all rope and yarn in "RIT Whitener and Brightener."

Next you need to decide is how many sides you would like. I decided on 5 for mine.  

You will then need to create the frame. All sides need to be of equal lengths. It is easier if you stake the corners and mark them so that you know where the corners are when you are hanging the web.

Once the frame is done you will need to put a stake in the center of the frame, this will serve as the center of your web.

Add The Cross Pieces

Making sure that all cross sections meet at the center stake you will need to run rope from each corner to the opposite side. You will continue this until you have about 6 inch sections along the outside edge.

To make it easier I started in the corners, then cut each section in half, and continued to divide each section in half until I had obtained 6 inch sections along the edge of the web frame.

Find A Friend To Start Tying The Circles

This is where a slave comes in really handy.

Starting in the center, you will need to take yarn and tie a knot at each cross section around the center stake. Once you've made about 2 or 3 circles around the center stake you will be able to remove the stake to get it out of the way.

The center circles should start at about 1/2 of an inch apart.

Keep Tying The Circles

As you (or your slave) continue to tie knots you should start making the circles change to the shape of your web. In my case it changed from a circle to a pentagon.

This change should start about 1/3 of the way between the center and the outer edge. Circles should be about 1 to 1 & 1/2 inches apart by this time.

Tie Some More Circles

As you continue to tie knots you will want to slowly make each round larger and larger. You can also start adding imperfections by making some rounds closer or further from the last.

By the time you reach the outer edge you should have about 5 or 6 inches between each round, and your web should be looking like a spiders' dream home.

You are almost Finished

Second to last step in this process is to find some fabric glue (available at most fabric stores) and in order to keep the center rounds in position; you will need to glue each and every knot in place.
Once you've finished gluing you will need to let the glue dry.
Only one last thing to accomplish....
Hang It On The House.

That is right, you now just need to find a place to display your hard work and place a few decoration around to complete the haunting effect.

Might I suggest Spiders and Spider Victims?

Now Stand Back and Admire your hard work!

You've Finished