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Here's How We Made A Coffin
We made a couple of coffins out of scrap wood we found for cheap as well as some cheap cloth we got @ the local thrift store and some styrofoam!

Parts List

plywood, outdoor screws, styrofoam, cloth, glue

Full coffin frame / 1/2 coffin
BC001 Paragraph 1

BC001 Paragraph 2

BC001 Paragraph 3

PC002 Title
PC002 Paragraph 1

PC002 Paragraph 2

PC002 Paragraph 3

pc003 Title
pc003 Paragraph 1

pc003 Paragraph 2

pc003 Paragraph 3

pc004 Title
pc004 Paragraph 1

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pc004 Paragraph 3

pc005 Title
pc005 Paragraph 1

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